San Diego Comic-Con #3 (1972) on Earth-Two

February 8, 2010

For the August 18-20, 1972 San Diego’s West Coast Comic-Con (as Comic-Con International was known in its third year), Scott Shaw!, David Clark, and Roger Freedman produced a daily convention newsletter named YUBBA. There were three daily issues and a special post-con report, which was YUBBA #4. Here’s Scott Shaw!’s account of these matters from the YUBBA #4 prologue:

This is the fourth issue of a publication first conceived of only two weeks ago. It was at that time, on the eve of the third annual San Diego West Coast Comic-Con, that con chairman Mike Towry asked three of his committee members to undertake the production of a daily con bulletin , a bulletin that was shortly thereafter endowed with the name YUBBA by co-editor Scot Shaw (YUBBA, according to some reports, is the cry made by a monkey falling into a pit filled with snakes.) Well, produce it they did – three one-page issues were printed during the three days of the Comic-Con, and there the story would seemingly be forced to come to an end. Two factors prevented the curtain from falling on YUBBA, however; one, we had already rented our mimeograph for an entire month, and two, we still had a ream of paper left… So the same foolhardy trio found themselves saddled with the task of producing a con report as well – a con report that is at this very moment smearing your fingers with only partially dried ink.

The cover of YUBBA #4 featured Scott Shaw!’s comic version of the goings on at “the comic convention held in San Diego of Earth-Two,” which were a more extreme version of actual events from the Earth-One convention. Here is that cover for your viewing pleasure:

(Click for full-size image.)

YUBBA #4 Cover by Scott Shaw!

YUBBA #4 Cover by Scott Shaw! (Click for full-size image.)

While the Earth-One Comic-Con was a little less extreme than the Earth-Two version that year, it did break new ground in Comic-Con craziness, as one would expect for the first of the El Cortez-sited conventions. YUBBA #4’s inside cover by Dennis Neal Smith, which follows, gives a hint of that convention’s free spirit:

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YUBBA #4 Inside Cover by Dennis Neal Smith

YUBBA #4 Inside Cover by Dennis Neal Smith (Click for full-size image.)

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Barry Alfonos February 10, 2010 at 9:07 am

Of course, it is wonderful to see a page of the legendary Yubba once again. It must be said, however, that this publication took extreeeeeme license with the truth, as in the case of asserting that I was “sunk into the pages of a Big Boy comic book” during the great ’72 El Cortez blackout. Also, I cannot vouch for whether Richard Alf devoured “a pizza’s cold corpse” at some point, as was alleged. But Yubba did manage to express a higher TRUTH, as all great literature must.
PS: 38 years later, please explain the significance of “SNUK”…


Robert Beerbohm February 9, 2010 at 6:31 pm

Ah, the first El Cortez show. Many many fond memories of 1972 comicons, there were 9 in the circuit that year which Bud Plant and I caravaned to culminating with San Diego, then the World SF con out at the LA air port a couple weeks later which Bud talked me into driving up the San Jose and during that two weeks, he, John Barrett and I conjured up the Berkeley Comic Art Shoppe at 2512 Telegraph Ave, the flag ship to the chain store operation we opened during the coming year

I remember some one offered me the centerfold double page splash to Steranko’s Hound of the Baskerville story out of Shield #3 for a hundred dollars. I thought it too much at the time, heck, Adams Kirby Ditko pages could be had for under $20, more like $10 a page, oh, well -:)

When i got there, cashed check in hand, the comicon promoter crew had forgot to mark me down as having a table. So, some one, i forget who, got the bright idea of setting me up right at the front door with one of those large round banquet tables from the other room. That is where i set up that year. and that is where a fellow walked up to me saying he had left a funeral, had to get cheered up a bit, and bought a Walt Kelly Brownies Dell Four Color 293 from me for $2. The one with the dog getting a bath on the cover – fun stuff

Twas Tom French, who went on to run the dealer’s room for a couple decades. I surely miss this old friend a lot as well.

Oh yeah, some where i have a couple Yubbas buried in a box from 72. One day they will resurface


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