Beer Cans in the Pool at the El Cortez

February 10, 2011

It was 1981 and the Con Committee had been given a “reprieve” to have the 1981 convention at the El Cortez Hotel. Despite the fact that it had been taken over by a religious organization, they were willing to allow for us to have one more convention. HOWEVER, there were some serious stipulations including the requirement that no alcohol was to be served on the premises. On Saturday night, we had already been informed that we would no longer be allowed to use the El Cortez as the convention site after this year. When word got out of this fact, several of our guests (who shall remain nameless) went on a “beer run” to allow our last night to go out in style. The next morning, as I was walking towards the hotel lobby, I saw that the entire pool had been covered with floating beer cans. The hotel manager, who was VERY unhappy, pulled me over and this conversation occurred:

Manager: You KNOW that we’re going to have to clean the pool.

Me: Well, you better because it’s filthy!

Ah, memories.

Mike Pasqua
Former Programs Coordinator and Con Executive Vice President.

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Robert Beerbohm February 10, 2011 at 7:26 pm

Yabut, where are the pics taken of the pool? -:)

We need documentation of this crime



Mike Pasqua February 11, 2011 at 12:40 pm

Any of the committee members at the time will verify this-I know that Dave Davis asked me about the “event” the next morning as to who bought the beer (remember the El Cortez Liquor nearby) and Barry Short, who was with me at “Ground Zero”, still laugh about it. There is another story regarding the “cocktail party” which had similar restrictions and another time when the rules were bypassed (although we were much more subtle about it that time). Probably should submit that one as well.


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