On July 19, 1997, after a long day spent at San Diego’s Comic-Con International, author George Clayton Johnson (Twilight Zone, Star Trek, Logan’s Run, Ocean’s 11, Kung Fu) and his wife, Lola Johnson, sat for a videotaped interview at the San Diego, CA home of Roy L. Dobbs, Jr. The interview features the off-camera voices of Comic-Con’s Founder, Shel Dorf, and the Chairman of Comic-Con #1, Ken Krueger. The video is presented here courtesy of George Clayton Johnson and Greg Koudoulian.

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The Jim Lee iWolverine

February 25, 2010

Artist Jim Lee creates an iWolverine and a Gwen Stacy sketch for Australian fan Darcy Quinn at the November 2008 Armageddon Expo in Melbourne.


The following audio recordings were made at the first, full San Diego’s Golden State Comic-Con (as it was known in those heroic days of yore). The convention dates were August 1st through 3rd, 1970. The site was the basement of the U.S. Grant Hotel in downtown San Diego. The audio segments are presented in the order they were recorded.